Desert Essence Red Raspberry Shampoo

I liked their raspberry conditioner so much, I figured I’d go for the matching set. Desert Essence hypes that that their shampoo “adds gloss and shine” and “strengthens hair”. I would say that my hair is glossier and shinier. As for strengthens hair, well, my hair is not exactly delicate to begin with, so I can’t say that I’ve noticed a difference.

I was very disappointed that it kind of ate my curls. My hair only looks good when it’s super curly or flat-iron straight, otherwise it’s just a mess of frizz.  On the upside, when used with the raspberry conditioner, it will not make your hair smell strongly of raspberries.

PS Keeping my hair curly seems to be my biggest issue since going vegan on the beauty products. If you have a recommendation, please, please share.


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