Andalou Naturals Luminous Eye Serum

I try to keep my daily skincare routine as simple as possible.  I don’t usually go in for eye cream or night cream or the skin care craze of the moment. But a few weeks ago, my facialist mentioned that I really should use an eye cream because my eye area was incredibly dry. As soon as she said it, I realized my eye area was crying out for moisture like a hangover seeking aspirin.

I decided on the Andalou Naturals eye serum because I freaking love their skin care line. They hype that this will “smooth fine lines and firm dermal texture”, as well as “reduce puffiness and diminish dark circles”. I can’t speak to the latter claim as, thankfully, this isn’t an issue I experience. My eye area is definitely looking better, but whether that’s because it’s getting the moisturizing it so desperately needed or because the hype is true, I couldn’t say. But my skin is softer and happier, so who cares?


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