e.l.f. Essential Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Pink Umbrellas

As previously noted, I am a sucker for lip color in a crayon package. I was super excited to try this because the color looked awesome. The hype on this, “conditions and moisturizes the lips…[and has] a smooth glide formula”. The hype is spot on. My lips didn’t feel dry at all and it goes on easily, as promised.

e.l.f. says it’s supposed to look like a gloss. It didn’t really look like it would be glossy in the package, but I bought it for the color. Unfortunately, the color goes on much more sheer than it looks. Maybe I’m a little picky, but I’d hoped to end up with that exact color on my lips, not a sheer version. This is definitely more of a nude look, so still wearable and usable, just not quite what I was hoping for.

PS Has anyone tried their Jumbo Eyeshadow sticks? I’m intrigued, but now I’m not quite sure what I’d be getting into.


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