Deva Curl 3-step aka Deva 3-step

My hair is kind of curly and difficult to manage. It is terrified of brushes and will wilt and bunch together to protect itself upon seeing one, leaving me pondering the possibilities of a Cousin ITT stand-in career. I basically manage my hair by brushing it after washing and then leaving the brush in a dark drawer until next time. I was pretty excited to try the Deva Curl; I’d heard good things about it and I was pretty hyped about a way to manage my hair that did not involve a blow-dryer and straight iron.

Sadly, it did not go well. Each of the 3 steps comes in a 1oz packet. Now, I have some deceptively thick hair (as in, it looks thick like a little forest but it’s really a jungle). Despite that, I usually get at least 2 uses out a 1oz sample packet. Not with the Deva Curl. I had to use the whole ounce and even then my hair didn’t really feel clean. So, I’m already thinking this could be the most money I ever spend on my hair if I end up using the system. Then, it stank up my house like a beauty salon.

The defining gel, hyped to “dissolve instantly…forming a moisture-protection cast to enhance curls”, didn’t really do either. I got those scrunchy curls we used to do in the eighties, except then it took half a can of hairspray. And I was like, okay, this is cute, I can live it with it, the eighties are making a comeback. Yeah, it was cute, for about 3 hours and then all the curl fell out.

The next day, someone asked if I’d done something different with my hair, and when I showed her the box, she commented that my hair usually looked curlier than that. So, I am back to the wash, condition, brush and hide the brush process. At least I manage to keep my curls for days that way.

A note about the brand: Deva Curl states they do not test on animals. Their only non-vegan product is the Set It Free.


2 thoughts on “Deva Curl 3-step aka Deva 3-step

  1. Write the company and explain the product’s failure. Who knows something good could come out of it, if only a refund.

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