Being a beauty vegan at the spa

I love the spa. Where else can you go and lie around for hours while people rub awesome stuff on you and only disturb you when they need to rub awesome stuff on another part of your body? Where else can you take a nap and wake up with de-kinked shoulders and glowing skin? I really love the spa. And yet somehow, when I decided to become a beauty vegan, it didn’t occur to me that I was putting my spa love in serious jeopardy.

Sure, if you live in New York or L.A., you can probably google “vegan spa” and find about 30 to choose from. I do not currently live in either of those places. I live in a place where restaurants consider pork and chicken to be “not meat”. I began to think I would never see the spa again, especially when my search results made me wonder if I was using the words “vegan” and “spa” in my request.

Luckily, it wasn’t a huge stretch at the organic spa for them to make vegan substitutions. I was so happy I almost cried. Did I mention I love the spa? I tell you all of this because if you live somewhere where people think vegan is some sci-fi thing and you love the spa as I do, you might try an organic spa. Believe me, if they have one here, they’ve got to have one everywhere.


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