Acure Organics Unscented Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes

Despite it being called a towelette (one of my least favorite words), I figured I’d give these a try since I didn’t particularly care for the scent of the Desert Essence ones and the packaging had the three magic words: vegan and cruelty free. As usual, I will be referring to these as facial wipes to stay cringe free.

Acure hypes these facial wipes will “refresh, cleanse, soothe and detoxify on the spot!”. The packaging also hypes “won’t clog pores”. I’m pleased to say these got the job done nicely; no foundation on my facial cleansing brush. As an added bonus, they also left my face feeling moisturized. I usually go into my skincare routine after using the wipes, but it’s nice to know I can skip the moisturizer if I’m too tired.  The wipes seem to live up to their hype. As for whether or not they detoxify, how can you tell? My face didn’t look toxic before I used the wipes, so maybe we’ll just have to believe them on that one.

A note about the brand: Acure is cruelty-free. All but four of their products are vegan. The list can be found here.


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