Top 3 Most Annoying Beauty Tips

I read a lot of magazines to get makeup ideas. Sometimes the tips are really awesome, and some of them are so awful I get fired up and write a blog post about it. So, here you go, the top 3 beauty tips that drive me bat-poo crazy.

  1. Applying eyeliner to your waterline (the place between your lashes and your eye). Just no. I don’t care if it’s going to make my eyes look bigger or smaller or make me look more like someone really famous. The idea of putting anything that close to my eyeball is a little creepy. Also, I can just imagine the flaking into my eye during the day. Lastly, eye infections suck and will put a major crimp in your makeup routine.
  2. Any hair idea for a curly or wavy hair look that starts with the instructions to get a straight iron. I’m not going to lie. I own one and probably use it about twice a year. You know, when I really want straight hair. Not when I’m doing a curly hair look. Because step number two on these looks always involves a curling iron or hot rollers. Which brings me back somewhat to the curly hair I started with.
  3. Applying concealer before foundation.  This one just annoys me because I think it’s dumb.  It either comes off when you apply foundation, or you end up with way more concealer than you actually need.  Grrr.

Whew, I feel better.  What beauty tips drive you bat-poo crazy?


7 thoughts on “Top 3 Most Annoying Beauty Tips

  1. Oh wow, the first one is my absolute pet peeve, I ave NEVER agreed with it. Reminds me of mascara – unless either is made of beneficial ingredients or a mix with goods one to try and counteract the not so good ones then seriously how is it a good idea to have those in direct contact with the eyes? It’s gonna have an effect with the liquid in the eyes and eventually the eyesight no?

    The second two are definitely poignant as well and spot on for adding them to your list. Off the top of my head I don’t like that the beauty and health corporations tell people it’s ok to use anti-persperants to stop the body sweating rather than just producing products that help dry sweat and neutralize odor. On the flipside I’ve never seen any mainstream promotion for women who have a darker upper lip on how to apply lipstick an actually get the shade of the lipstick to reflect on the upper lip and to get both lips looking the same. Women have to rely on their friends/family for that.

    1. Do you have any good mascara recommendations? I agree with you about the darker upper lip issue. I don’t have one, but I do agree that those of us without mainstream makeup issues are left out. Hopefully as more and more people blog about their own issues, this will change!

  2. Hmm I don’t wear mascara so I’m not sure but I know I’ve seen some advertised in the past. If you put ‘natural mascara’ in a search engine the available ones should come up. That said, a blog that I enjoy reading has reviewed two here: and this one reviewed 8 of the top ones back in 2012 with the ingredients listed. Not all sound very ‘natural’ but some are much better than others by the looks of it:

  3. I HATE when people recommend warming your eyelash curler with a hair dryer – who has the time?! Just warm it in your hand! I also the hate the whole ‘choose a blush that’s the same colour as your cheeks after you’ve been exercising’. I go beetroot red – not a good look.

    1. I have never heard the tip about the eyelash curler and a hair dryer. That would totally have made it onto the blog. I forgot about the blush tip! I blow right past it since I go beetroot red too, and not just my cheeks, my whole face.

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