Desert Essence Dry By Nature deodorant

My body is like the planet in that it experiences multiple temperatures at once. My hands and feet are the Arctic zone and my underarms are a Louisiana swamp. So, I was incredibly nervous about switching deodorant brands. Especially since the last time I tried switching to a more natural deodorant, it was an epic disaster. The label hypes “long -lasting protection” and the website promises “effective deodorant protection [with] pure botanical extracts and oils”.

I was skeptical, particularly because the other natural deodorant made similar promises. And that only protected me from contact with other humans.  I’m now on day 5 of Dry by Nature, and I think I can safely say it’s working as promised. I don’t know how much it lives up to its natural hype, but if you are looking for a vegan deodorant, I have to recommend this one. Now keeping my fingers crossed it will survive the hot and humid summer.


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