Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Colour Concentrate in Twirl

The OCC love continues. I wanted to try out their loose colors since they’re so versatile. Eyes, lips, cheeks, face, whatever.   I experimented with Twirl on eyes and lips. I have plans to try it as a blush at some point as well. Twirl is described as a peach/pink shimmer. The picture on the OCC website doesn’t even begin to do it justice. Actually, it’s a horrible photo, but let’s not talk about other people’s horrible photos until I get a better camera.

I tried this as an eye shadow. I’m all about shimmer, so I loved this. For those of you into that whole nude look that’s in right now, it’s a nice neutral sort of shade if you don’t use too much pigment. It looks a little pinker than you might want in the jar, but once it goes on, you really see the peach/pink.

I also attempted to use this as lip color. I mixed it with the clear Lip Tar and used just a teensy bit of the color. The color came out great, a sheer shimmery coral. However, I couldn’t quite get the Lip Tar to color ratio right and the color got a little clumpy once applied. Disclaimer: this is the first time I have ever attempted to mix dry and liquid anything other than Koolaid. I did try applying the Lip Tar to my lips and then brushing the color on with my finger. That looked a little better and the color was more even.  The color still got a little clumpy, so I think maybe I’m being too conservative with the Lip Tar.

Overall, as always, I’m thrilled with the color and I love the opportunity to experiment with makeup. I’ll report back if I ever get the ratio right.


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