Tarte Amazonian clay waterproof liner in Bronze

I was a little nervous trying this out, since I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. It turns out I was right to be…the Bronze is a very dark, lovely but dark, brown. For added fun, it “sets quickly so your liner stays put all day”. I assure you, the hype is true. I spent the day looking like an Egyptian. I’m sure some people could pull that off, but on me it screams lining while intoxicated.

Tarte also hypes “[it’s] easily smudgeable allowing you to create your choice of a sleek or smoldering line”.  Right.  I admit I may be doing something wrong, especially since I haven’t yet figured out what the wispy end of the free brush is for.  But if it smudged as hyped, I wouldn’t have heard The Bangles every time I looked in the mirror.  If you’re a liner pro, you’ll probably love this, otherwise stick with the pencils.

Note: The Plum shade, while gorgeous, is not vegan.


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