Vegan facial exfoliator

Someone recently gave me a natural facial exfoliator to try.  I generally exfoliate about once a week, and finding a good exfoliator can be a challenge.  They’re either too harsh or the little scrubbies get in my eyes no matter what I do, short of taping them shut.  This is 1 tbsp of oat flour for every ½ tsp of mint powder (which apparently you can make by drying mint leaves and grinding them up).  You only need to use a little, and add just enough water to make a paste-like texture.  It may take a little experimentation before you get a texture you like.

What I enjoyed the most about this exfoliator was that it felt instantly soothing.  Probably the oat flour.  Usually, exfoliator makes my skin feel a little…scrubbed, I guess, but this made my skin feel very fresh.  I wasn’t racing for the moisturizer when I was done, because my skin still felt soothed by the oat flour even after I rinsed my face.  The thing I hate the most about this exfoliator is that I’m not very good at DIY beauty products that involve more than one ingredient.  Once this batch is gone, look for my ad on Craigslist searching for someone to hook me up!



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