Vegan hair care with ‘Do Your Natural Thing

Vegan Beauty: Before we get to the hair care info, can you tell me a little about ‘Do Your Natural Thing?

‘Do Your Natural Thing: I am a Healer, Educator, Poet and Natural Hair Artist by nature and it has begun an evolution into a successful business! Some of the things I’m currently working on are energy work, herbal medicine, crystal healing, color therapy, as well as lectures and performances designed to raise vibrations of consciousness. I strive to strengthen my own connection to my roots and have a passion for helping others to do the same. One way I do this is helping people of African descent embrace and understand their naturally spiraled hair texture. I have seen incredible transformations; free your roots and the rest will follow.

VB: So, what’s your philosophy of hair?

DYNT: I believe in accepting and loving the natural state of your own hair, throughout all of its unique stages and cycles. I see the spiral in nature from sea shells to galaxies and feel and see that same power in my hair. I have learned to be careful with who I allow to touch my hair as I view it as an extension of my spine or antennas in a way. It springs forth from the crown chakra and both gives and receives energy, so I pride myself on bringing only positive energy to my clients.

VB: That’s awesome! What are you doing with your hair?

DYNT: I began embracing my natural texture around 10 years ago; I had a great time experimenting with braids, twists and knots of all variety. I have now started my loc journey (African locs also known as dreadlocks) going on two years ago and love it!

VB: What products do you use for hair care?

DYNT: For all my hair care and styling I use 100% natural products. People complain about going to the store with me because I read labels on EVERYTHING! I prefer to use natural oils such as olive, jojoba, coconut and castor as well as shea butter and essential oils. I enjoy mixing up things in the kitchen for hair like a deep conditioner I make that has bananas, fresh pressed coconut cream, honey and oils. There are so many different products out there for use on African locs but it’s been a challenge for me to find good quality natural products for them. One of the most common natural loc products is beeswax, which has mixed reviews as far as leaving buildup in the hair. Another which I have personally used is African Formula Super Grow hair gel, which while it gives a great hold and has natural ingredients does have placenta extract, which isn’t ideal. There are countless other products available out there, but I prefer to stick to the more natural end of the spectrum.

VB: Well, I hope you can recommend some vegan products today lol.

DYNT: One of my favorites and the one I’ve been using lately for my locs is fresh Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a very healing and versatile herb and is very easy to grow at home! I have two giant pots of it, and its uses are almost endless!

VB: How do you use aloe on hair?

DYNT: For hair, I generally cut the portion of leaf needed (depending on length, volume, and function), scoop out the clear pulp with a spoon, blend it and then strain it (especially important for use in locs because you don’t want any little white bits of plant material imbedded in your hair!). It takes a little more time than just using something store-bought, but the results are worth it!

VB: What do you do with it then?

DYNT: The resulting gel will be very watery, and can be used on any hair type as a conditioner which reduces dandruff and brings the scalp to a healthy PH balance. I also love to use it for detangling and as an ingredient in my Loc moisture sprays. For loc maintenance, I use the gel when palm rolling the hair, and find that the hold beats any store bought products I’ve tried!

VB: That’s pretty cool. I had no idea aloe vera could be used as a conditioner.

DYNT: I’m glad to teach and to show you something new!

VB: Thanks for the taking the time to appear on Vegan Beauty today. If anyone is interested in more information, how can they contact you?

DYNT: You can check out and like my page at and I can also be reached by phone at 214-772-2087.


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