Threading…no needles required

I hate plucking my eyebrows.  I can never get the shape right and it takes forever, plus I have to do it at least once a week with touch-ups.  I put up with it for years because waxing seemed to be the only other option.  Just the thought of hot wax near my eyes and the screaming as my eyelids are removed.  Thank you, no.  Where are my tweezers?

Last year I looked into threading and it was the best choice I ever made for my brows.  They’re beautiful and now I only have to get them done once a month.  No touch-ups.  I have no idea how the threading actually works.  Basically, I sit in a chair, lean my head back, and the threader does something with cotton thread that feels like she’s rubbing a rubber band on my skin.  For all I know, when I close my eyes, she’s doing something with a rubber band and chanting an incantation.  The hurt level is on par with plucking, maybe less since it only takes about 5 minutes.

If you’re getting frustrated trying to find a spa that has vegan brow wax, I highly recommend this as an alternative.  Heck, if you’re just tired of plucking, check it out!  My brows have never been the same and that’s a good thing.


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