Andalou Naturals Acai + White Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer

Acai + White Tea moisturizer

I’m trying out new moisturizers, since the last 2 brands that I used are no longer cruelty-free, let alone vegan.  Which, by the way, was part of what started my conversion to vegan products in the first place.  Anyway, I chose this over the Nature’s Gate Lemon Verbena Oil-Free Moisturizer because the hype for the Acai + White Tea moisturizer says it’s for active skin types and humid conditions.

I’m having some seriously active skin at the moment (which is a polite way of saying I need some concealer and salicylic acid) and I live in what often feels like one of the most humid places outside of a swamp.  The hype also promises a “revitalized complexion”.  I’m guessing that means it’s supposed to make my skin look younger.  Well, my skin looks pretty young right now…just not the right kind of young.

I’ll update in a few weeks on how well it’s working.  If you’ve used this or the Nature’s Gate moisturizer, let me know!


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