Vegan cuticle remover

There are some who may disagree with the use of cuticle remover, but they’re usually the people with beautiful cuticles.  No matter what I do to mine, they remain as dry as the Sahara and crack if you look at them funny.  After searching high and low on Google for cuticle remover, I discovered there aren’t a lot of options.  Most of which involve international shipping or have ingredient lists that freak even me out (and I’ll put just about anything on my skin as long as it’s vegan).

I did find this recipe at, which inspired me to try something similar, without the orris root and the nail brush.  So, with just the cornstarch, basically.  Ever since I ran out of my no longer cruelty-free, probably not vegan cuticle remover, I’ve been relying on the soak for 20 minutes method.  This hasn’t been working out as well as you might think, considering how pruny my hands get.  The cornstarch has definitely been a big improvement.  Worked great on both fingers and toes, and exfoliates a little too!


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