Andalou Naturals Clementine + C Illuminating Toner – Update

So, the early results are in on the Clementine + C toner.  I was a little worried, since products for “Normal to Combination” skin have a tendency to dry out my combination oily face.  Which in turn leads to my skin pumping out enough oil to put Exxon out of business.  But the toner holds up well and gets the job done nicely.  I also love the orange scent.

I can’t tell if it’s living up to the hype.  The website said it would “improve my skin tone and texture, balance pH and stimulate circulation for healthy luminosity”.  My skin does look a bit better.  Then again, I’ve been out with the flu for a week, so not looking like death warmed over anymore is a huge improvement.  Results may or may not be attributable to the toner.

I’ll update again in about a month or so and we’ll see if it’s still holding up!

PS  Sorry I just disappeared like that.  The flu is nasty this year.  Stay healthy out there!


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