Desert Essence Red Raspberry Conditioner



Desert Essence Red Raspberry ConditionerI have a lot of thick hair and a sensitive scalp, so whenever I change hair care products, there are a few tense days.  Will the product make my hair look like Cousin Itt’s?  Will my scalp scream in pain and make me cry like a baby?  So, I generally don’t even pay attention to the hype, just hoping that it will get the job done without turning my hair into some Halloween monstrosity.

I picked up the red raspberry conditioner about a month ago.   I was a little nervous, because I hadn’t heard good things about vegan hair care products in general, but I figured I could deal with crappy hair for love of the animals.  It’s actually really nice!  According to their hype, it should “Provide moisture to hair, leaving it smooth and silky”.  Well, my hair has always borne a resemblance to steel wool, so I won’t say it’s silky, but it does feel moisturized and about as smooth as it’s ever felt without a hair iron.  And it’s been super gentle on my scalp.  Not a peep from that big baby.

A note about the brand:  Desert Essence is cruelty-free and vegetarian.  The Essentials tab on their product pages states whether or not the product is also vegan.


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